Take a look at Marlon Humphrey’s NFL Top 100 player ballot


The NFL’s Top 100 players list is always an interesting discussion point for fans. It’s fun to debate who is the best of the best, especially in a sport like football.

Positions require such vastly different skills, so it’s difficult to compare a running back to, say, a punter.

What also makes the list interesting is how it’s compiled: by the players themselves.

We don’t always get to peel back the curtain, but Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey was willing to share his ballot on social media once he put his votes together.

This is an especially interesting list. Humphrey resisted the urge to simply vote all Ravens, as Lamar Jackson, Ronnie Stanley and Marcus Peters are the only ones to make his top 20.

Humphrey did seem to heavily weigh players he has faced already, particularly in 2019. Of his 17 non-Ravens, 11 played against Baltimore this past season.

The cornerback clearly remembers 2018’s matchup with the Saints well, as Michael Thomas and Drew Brees find themselve in his top four. He has a nice balance between offensive players he’s had to defend and defensive players he can evaluate as a peer.

The divisional round loss also clearly is still weighing on his mind, with Titans running back Derrick Henry ranked sixth across all players.

Of course, according to him, the easiest choice of all was Humphrey’s first.